Never Gonna Be – Jet Black Tulips Single Review, January 2022

By Conor O’Neill

Belfast/Lisburn based four piece Jet Black Tulips’ debut single Never Gonna Be is a smart pop tune that breezes along for three minutes and 12 seconds, exactly. Perfect radio fodder.

With a neat intro-guitar-hook riff, reminiscent of early to mid-90s indie pop, the tune grows with every listen.

The foursome is made up of lead singer and rhythm guitarist Lennon Currie, lead guitarist Thomas Buick, Leon Burns on bass and finally Michael Tinnelly on drums, Never Gonna Be sees these young guns play with a confidence beyond their youth.

The pace is continuous and all the better for it, the tune is nothing more than a verse/chorus/verse/chorus/chorus: no indulgent middle eights or time for even a sniff of a guitar solo. This simple mantra is a nod to Northern Ireland’s rich punk history.

Recorded in Holy Man Studio and produced by Currie’s musician father Ian Currie (Pretty Cartel) the band’s debut LP is due out in 2023.

Expect to be hearing a lot more from this exciting indie-pop band in the near future.

Never Gonna Be is available on Spotify, i-Tunes, Apple Music and Amazon deezer.

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