Lyric Theatre Presents This Sh*t Happens All The Time, March 22 – April 2, Preview

By Conor O’Neill

Kicking off the Lyric’s spring/summer season is a new piece of writing by Amanda Verlaque. The show is a co production by the Lyric and Imagine! Belfast Festival of Ideas and Politics.

What’s it about I hear you ask? The press release gives me this gist: set in Belfast in 1992 – when homophobic hate crime wasn’t top of the coppers’ agenda, or even seen as a crime – a young woman (played by Caoimhe Farren) falls in love, her girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend is filled with rage and murderous intent.

Writer Amanda Valaque, actor Caoimhe Farren and director Rhiann Jeffrey

The piece uses personal experience to give voice to a world of misogyny, coercive control, queer-baiting and questions Northern Ireland’s approach to the LGBTQ+’s lives in 2022.

This piece is guaranteed to ask a lot from its audience. I for one cannot wait to see this piece of theatre and deliberate on it.

This Sh*t Happens All The Time runs from March 22 – April 2, 2022.

For booking details visit or simply ring the box office on 02890 381081



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