Blues Legend Eric Bibb, New LP Release and Tour dates, Plays Belfast’s Mandela Hall, May 25, 2023

By Conor O’Neill

Photography courtesy of Jan Malmstrom

Eric Bibb’s new album ‘Ridin’ is set for release on March 24th by Repute Records. The LP features guest appearances from Taj Mahal, Jontavious Willis, Russel Malone and Habib Koité.

Following the release of ‘Ridin’ Bibb will embark on an extensive tour of the UK and Ireland which includes dates in Belfast, Dublin, Limerick and Cork in the May of this year.

The follow-up to his multiple award-winning, critically acclaimed album ‘Dear America‘, ‘Ridin‘ is a continuation of the vision that informs Bibb’s artistry as a modern-day Blues troubadour. Grounded in the folk and blues tradition with contemporary sensibilities, Bibb’s music continues to reflect his thoughts on current world events and his own lived experiences, whilst remaining entertaining, uplifting, inspirational and relevant.

Interested? I thought you may be. Have a listen to the lead single Family here:

Speaking about the new album Bibb said: “As a songwriter, studying African America history has always been a deep well of inspiration to me. The true stories of my ancestors and their communities are at the heart of many of the songs from this new album. Together with co-writer/producer Glen Scott we’ve created a concept album focusing on the ongoing task of understanding systematic racism and purging it from our world. For all of its seriousness ‘Ridin‘ is a funky, groovy, hopeful collection of songs that feature stellar guest appearances by Taj Mahal, Jontavious Willis, Russel Malone and Habib Koité.

“At a time when popular political movements are attempting to delete truth from the historical record, I feel called upon to sing songs that contribute to greater understanding and much-needed unity. the making of ‘Ridin‘ has been a labour of love. We hope you enjoy the journey.”

The two time Grammy Award nominee, with multiple Blues Foundation Awards, Eric Bibb is known and revered globally for having carved out his own musical destiny with honesty and power. Eric’s father, the late Leon Bibbs, was an activist, actor and folk singer who marched at Selma with Martin Luth King. Eric’s youth was spent immersed in the Village folk scene. Names like Dylan, Baez and Seeger were visitors at his home. He was deeply influenced by Odetta, Richie Havens and Taj Mahal and he has snythesized all of that into his very own stlye.

The Irish tour dates are:

Belfast’s Mandela Hall, May 25th

Dublin’s Liberty Hall, May 26th

Limerick, Dolan, May 28th and

Cork, Cypress Avenue, May 29th

For the UK dayes

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