Dream, Sleep, Connect, Lyric Theatre, February 19, 2020 Review

Dream, Sleep, Connect, Lyric Theatre, February 19th, 2020

By Conor O’Neill

c, that’s a small c21 Theatre Company are new to me. But I bet my last filling you’ll be hearing a lot more about them in the near and dear future. And that’s what’s going on what Dream, Sleep, Connect is all about. Yes, we can all ramble about the old megaliths of timeless classics, the Bard, Shaw, hell… even ABBA tribute shows.

Dream, Sleep, Connect oneBut it takes a kind of swagger and dare I say it in these touchy times, ‘swingers’ to hold a mirrored snuff tin up to the goriness of this fragile modern life.
Director Stephen Kelly takes writer, Rosemary Jenkinson’s take on modernity with a directness that’ll leave you stunned. Brexit, Big Brother, online dating, power shifts, inheritance called-into-questioning in the two ‘person’, multi character show; the lot will bring many a smile, yet you’ll leave the theatre in 65 minutes time with a bucket load to ponder upon.

Lucy (Maria Connolly) runs Connexia, five years at the top and with little regard for Chris (Richard Clements). Connolly most could write about. What stage, what production, and the role she has yet to play, she plays them tonight.
Clements, like c21 is new to me. Chris’s social skills need oiled. To say the least. Lucy advises Tinder – yeah, I had to google it too – but he’s a gifted mofo behind the USBs and other things with wires etc. The sex ‘debate/chat’ with his Ma is a joy.

dream, sleep, connect tramp date

While Lucy’s python putdowns cripples the boy, the website does wonders.
Connolly’s Tanya has the morals of something runs up drains and swims in sewers. GSOH? ‘Good size of hands’ is her motto. But then we meet Cora, another of Connolly’s roles.

dream sleep connect chris and cora

Something happens, as expected from the socially bereft computer nerd and a suicide worker – currently jobless.

You’ll laugh, snigger and howl. But most of all you’ll think.

The type of play the Lyric is loved for.

Dream, Sleep, Connect runs at the lyric until and including Saturday 22nd, with a matinee that afternoon.

For info visit http://www.lyrictheatre.co.uk or phone the box office on 02890 381081

Dream, Sleep, Connect is to tour close to exhaustion. For tour dates, locations etc. visit wwwwc21theatrecompany.com















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