Propaganda: The Musical, Lyric Theatre, Belfast, October 12, 2022, Theatre Review

By Conor O’Neill

It’s 1949 Berlin and the Russians are coming. Post war Europe doesn’t sit neatly in its saddle. The macro politics spill into the micro, and here we have our story. Before the thrall of the show we have before us a brilliant setting the imagination alight to what’s going to happen next.

It’s muscular, bold and industrial. Even in row M we’re at viewing height of the main stage. 15 musicians sit where the Lyric’s main stage usually props itself. And what a glorious racket they make from start to finish. Musical director Bob Brod has this orchestra blowing, tinkling, plucking, strumming and battering away with every inch of their collective souls.

Writer, director and composer, Conor Mitchell, has high hopes for this production – which is part of the Belfast International Arts festival – and at times delivers in spades. High drama? Check. Glamour? Check. Great characters? Check. Good plot coming along? Check. Thumping and moving music? Check. Longevity? Maybe not.

But it didn’t sell to me. Why not? Well, the operatic nature of the vocals were just a bit too much for me. I’ve never left a show at the Lyric before, but after the first act and 10 minutes into the second act I simply had to make tracks.

Call me a Philistine, call me misguided, uneducated, misdirected, ignorant and all of the proceeding, but this show did very little to me but upset the labyrinths of my head.

But maybe you’re of the operatic nature, if so Propaganda is the musical for you and runs at the Lyric Theatre up to and including November 5, 2022.

For booking details visit or phone the box office on 02890 381081


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