Frankenstein’s Monster Is Drunk And The Sheep Have All Jumped The Fence, Brian Friel Theatre, QFT Belfast, Theatre Review

By Conor O’Neill

Photography courtesy of Neil Harrison

So, it seems Mary Shelley’s creature didn’t die in the self-made funeral pyre; he did in fact in this entertaining and colossal humorous production by Big Telly Theatre Company flirt with the bright lights of Hollywood before going into hibernation only to be dug up a century later. And what a stir he causes when he’s reanimated!

Big Telly’s approach to this piece of theatre is energetic and in-your-face and unapologetic. And all the better for it. With no programme available I can’t name actors but whoever plays the Monster is a joy to watch. Not only reanimated, and like Shelley’s original he’s once again shunned by society. But there’s a difference, this time he’s only just gone and fallen in love. Great news is the apple of his eye loves him back. What brings them together I hear you ask? Well, she just happens to be head and shoulders above most of the men in the village and is also an ‘outcast’.

As with all love, there are bumps along the way and people get involved where they shouldn’t. Then things get kind of messy. The Creature does get drunk and for some unknown reason there’s audience participation with bingo cards being handed out to those sitting in the first few rows.

Whatever does happen does so in a blur on one hour and 10 minutes with scenes grafted together amidst laughter and a a ton of havoc

Will Mr and Mrs Monster live happily ever after? To find out book your tickets now.

Frankenstein’s monster Is Drunk and the Sheep have All Jumped the Fence runs up to and including October 22nd. For tickets and times ring the QFT on 02890 971097

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